For Sale By Realtor

RealtorSelling real estate (whether residential or commercial) is a huge decision, but the next biggest dilemma is whether or not to sell with a realtor. There are advantages and disadvantages in using a realtor, but how do you know which option to settle with? Before you make your decision, here are three main factors to consider:


  1. You are relieved from the stress of dealing with prospective buyers and  you know the statutory and regulatory requirements involved in the transaction will be met.
  2. You are detached from pricing and some critical decisions that could make the transaction less biased, allowing you to see the more practical and logical approach to the transaction.
  3.  It can be extremely time consuming trying to show your house and many times when you get a call from a potential buyer, you may not always have time to get back to the house to show them around. This could mean a potential loss of sale. Also, occasionally buyers feel intimidated by the seller being there with them and they often don’t take the time to look around properly. This could lead to them not noticing key features, which also may lead to a loss of sale.